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Why Lingaraj Pipes

Cent-percent guarantee on quality - Over the years of consistent perseverance, we have set a yardstick of quality literally for everything. With world-class R&D (research and development) in-house facilities, our managers have continued to add values to the standards of quality. This has resulted in enhanced positive market response and almost zero customers' complaints.

Ease of handling & hassle-free installation - The improved mechanisms in fittings has brought tremendous ease in handling and making hassle-free installation of our products. Unlike botheration of the plumbers and mechanics in installing the earlier PVC pipes and fittings, our products are much easier to handle during the installation process.

Higher flow rate & lower frictional loss - As the Company has heavily invested in time and money in Research and Development (R&D), our pipes and fittings have higher flow rate and even the frictional loss during operations is much lower.

Corrosion free and maintenance free - When the piping products have the higher corrosion rate, those would certainly incur more corrosion. Due to superiority in technology, our products are corrosion free and it certainly makes them maintenance free.

Resistant to soil movement - Movement of soil is the main factor that causes damages to pipes and fittings. But our products have got enough resistance to prevent damage. Years of products' research and development in our pipes and fittings have got us excellence to prevent all the damages arising out of soil movement.

Fire and chemical resistant - The range of products from the Company is also fire and chemical resistant. The products remain safe whenever there is accidental fire and side effects of chemicals.

High tensile and impact strength - Our range of products is highly tensile and the products have the highest strength to withstand highest impact during use and overuse.

100% Safe for drinking water supply - As a Company, we have adhered to highest safety norms and for this reason, the PVC pipes remain free from germs and related contamination without allowing the water to get infected.