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Our Products

Agriculture Grey PVC Pressure Pipes (IS – 4985 : 2000)

Lingaraj pipes provide the largest range of PVC pressure pipes manufactured as per the strict adherence to standards of quality set by IS 4985:2000 with different sizes and various pressure classes. Such pipes are available in two categories, such as plain and solvent cement joint types.

Lingaraj piping system is available from 40 to 315 mm diameter sizes at different rating from 2.5 to 10kgf/cm2.

These pipes are extensively used for variety of applications like :

  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Potable water supply
  • Industrial process lines
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Fire fighting mains etc.

uPVC Plumbing Pipes & Fittings as per ASTM D : 1785

Lingaraj Pipes offer one of the largest ranges of pipes for plumbing and sanitary applications to cater to piping needs of construction and housing sectors and infrastructure projects. The Company has strictly adhered to the strict quality standards set by American Quality Standards (ASTM D: 1785).

The pipes have the following qualities :

  • Lingaraj piping system is available from ½” to 12" diameter sizes at different rating from Sch 40 to Sch 120.
  • The pipes are plain at both the ends and those can get joined with PVC fittings available in white color.
  • These pipes are also available with threaded ends with threads as per IS 554.

Pipes for Borewell & Tubewell Application as per IS 12818 & ASTM D : 1785

Lingaraj Pipes offer a broad range of pipes for Borewell applications to cater to every need for construction of Borewell and Tubewell. Even in this, the manufacturing takes place as per the relevant standards.

The range of pipes includes :

  • Lingaraj Piping system is available from 1½” to 12” diameter sizes at different rating from Sch 40 to Sch 120 / CS & CM.
  • Casing pipes as per IS 12818
  • Casing Pipes as per ASTM D:1785
  • Ribbed Screen casing pipes for Tube-wells.
  • SDR casing pipes series for shallow depth applications as per company standard.
  • Plain pipes as well as screen (slotted) are available in every category of casing pipes.
  • Slotted pipes could also get used for rainwater harvesting.

HDPE Pipes as per IS 4984 : 2016

  • Lingaraj HDPE Piping system is available from 20 to 450mm diameter sizes at different rating from 2 to 10kgf/cm2.
  • It is manufactured from virgin grade raw material (PE80/PE63 & PE100).
  • Manufactured as per the IS-4984:2016 standards PE-63, PE-80 and PE-100 grades, the pipes are most popular in the market.
  • The pipes measures up to 6 meters in straight lengths and up to 500 meters in coils depending upon sizes.

SWR Pipes & Fittings for Waste & Drainage Application (IS – 13592 : 1992)

Lingaraj SWR Pipes also give a broad range of uPVC SWR Pipes manufactured as per the strict quality standards laid down by IS 13592 : 1992. The pipes are available in different sizes from 40mm to 160mm in types, such as type A & B.

  • Type A: This is for use in ventilation pipe work & rain water applications.
  • Type B: It is use in soil and waste discharge system.

The following are the main applications of the above mentioned Pipes :

  • Soil & Waste Discharge
  • Ventilation
  • Rain Water Discharge

PVC Flexible Garden Pipes

Take good care of your plants with the help of this assorted colours flexible garden pipes which is specially designed for people who love to water their plants. Crafted with high in quality PVC material, this hose pipe come with the great feature of remaining soft in any weather conditions. Plus, it is best suited for different purposes like gardening, water dispensing, convey water to the sprinkler etc.

  • Sizes Available: 0.5 inch 0.75 inch, 1.0 inch & 1.25 inch
  • Length: 30meter (100 feet approx)

Solvent Cement as per ASTM D 2564 / IS 141282

  • PVC Solvent Cement is ideal material for all classes and schedules.
  • It is recommended for all grades and types of PVC pipes and fittings.
  • It meets ASTM D 2564 and IS 14182.